The Furness Railway – A History by Michael Andrews

The Furness Railway – A History by Michael Andrews

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In typescript, the account of the Furness Railway runs to over 300 pages. To this must be added the many maps and diagrams that help to clarify the story. The book also includes many of the photographs Mr Andrews himself took as well as valuable contemporary items loaned from the archive of the notable Barrow photographer Edward Sankey.

Material has also generously been made available from the Cumbrian Railways Association's photographic collection, from the Barrow Record Office and the Dock Museum at Barrow. Hitherto unpublished extracts from the Diaries of William Cavendish, the 7th Duke of Devonshire, which throw much light of the evolution of the infant Railway, are included by permission of the Chatsworth Estate.

The book does justice to the 50 years of endeavour contained within it and is a suitable tribute to the author, Michael Andrews.


Publisher: Barraibooks

Publish Date: 01/02/2012

Authour: Micheal Andrews

ISBN : 9780956970909

Format: Hard back



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